Blaser F3 AT2 (SuperTrap) review

Not being the biggest Trap shooter in the world, and certainly not at Universal Trench I was a bit sceptical about how I might perform with such a high tech modern Trap gun like the Blaser F3 AT2 (also known as the Blaser F3 SuperTrap).

"I was a bit sceptical about how I might perform
with such a high tech modern Trap gun"

The last Trap gun I owned was a Miroku MK38, a superb gun but rather old fashioned in its specification (not always a bad thing!) so the AT2 is everything the MK was not with its adjustable rib, adjustable comb and multi-chokes to name just the obvious.

We did little adjustment to the gun out of the box apart from check what chokes we had in - Modified and Light Full were deemed to be suitable for this first test.

Up to bat first was Charlie Dean, GB Double Trap shot and all round good egg Trap shooter! Bearing in mind neither of us had shot this model before, Charlie made very short work of the first five targets, all very convincingly killed with five first barrels (rather annoyingly for me he continued to do this throughout the day!)

"first impressions were that
the gun almost shoots itself!"

Then it was my turn, first impressions were that the gun almost shoots itself! To look at, the AT2 is never going to break any hearts however beauty is only skin deep and this gun soon wins you over with its other attributes.

Let's be honest it's a big gun at almost 9lbs, so you would expect a smooth shooting low recoil performance from such a big shooter? Well you won't be disappointed, I can safely say this must be one of the smoothest guns I have ever shot. Even with a high performance load such as 28g Hull Pro Ones it felt like I was shooting 24g!

Now you may think that the trade-off is that it's so heavy it doesn't handle? Wrong again! This was the big surprise of the package to both of us, the AT2 was effortless to swing and was beautifully balanced in the hand, even on UT targets it was soon on to the wide angled targets with little effort or feeling of hard work to get it going.

final thoughts?

All-in-all it is a fantastic gun which would lend itself to being a great all-round performer on most, if not all, Trap disciplines. It also comes very well presented in a factory ABS case, with plenty of accessories to customise the gun including barrel and stock weights and 3 Briley Spectrum chokes.

"All-in-all it is a fantastic gun"

If you were seriously looking at a new modern Trap gun then for the money (around £5,995 new) I think this is really worth considering, you get a lot of gun for your money!

David Thompson, York Guns

Blaser F3 AT2 Trap Gun Blaser F3 AT2 Trap Gun

Blaser F3 AT2 specification

Barrel Length
32" with adjustable rib

Briley Spectrum (3 of your choice)

Adjustable comb
366mm length
Lacquer finished
Left hand available

4.0kg (8lb 13oz)


what's it like to shoot?

Any good instructor will tell you that gun fit is extremely important if you want to shoot well. A proper fitting gun will reduce felt recoil, prevent cheek slap, and most importantly of all, help you to shoot better.

It therefore amazes me just how many guns are still designed to fit the 'average' person. We are all different shapes and sizes so the idea that we should all be able to use the same gun seems ridiculous to me. This is where guns like the Blaser F3 AT2 stand out from the crowd as they can be adjusted in all the key areas so they can be made to fit you rather than the other way round. The way it should be!

The stock has a pistol-grip with a decent sized palm-swell and a nicely shaped adjustable comb, there is also an adjustable trigger so it is easy to get a comfortable fit. The semi-high rib is also adjustable, allowing you to set the point-of-impact (POI) to your preference or maybe change it for different disciplines. Finally the Blaser F3 AT2 comes with two sets of barrels weights and two stock weights which allow you to set the balance of the gun exactly as you want it. 'Adjustable' is the keyword for this gun.

So what's it like to shoot? To be honest I wasn't expecting a lot from the Blaser F3 AT2, the plain styling wasn't really to my taste and when I picked it up it felt a little heavy for me. But then I mounted the gun and my thoughts quickly changed. When the gun is in the shoulder it feels very well balanced and the weight seems to disappear, the gun moves quickly and smoothly and the mechanical trigger has a very crisp pull. Using 24g cartridges I found the felt recoil was almost non-existent making the Blaser extremely smooth to shoot.

The final thing that I tested was the pattern, the standard Briley chokes seemed to be breaking clays extremely well so I was interested to see how they performed on the pattern plate. My experimentation confirmed that the pattern was very good with the pellets nicely and evenly spaced and no significant gaps.

So, to sum up the Blaser F3 AT2, it can be adjusted to fit you correctly, it's well balanced, smooth to shoot with very little recoil and it throws an excellent pattern.

So just how impressed was I? Well let's put it this way, York Guns now have a very nice used Perazzi MX2000 for sale whilst I have a new Blaser F3 AT2 in the cabinet!

Charlie Dean, ClayPal

With thanks to York Guns, Beverley Clay Target Centre and Hull Cartridge Co.
for their help in producing this review of the Blaser F3 AT2 Trap gun
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